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Jonathan Seiden, Lisa Lamberg, Kara Jacobs, Stacy Wax & Patti Lipp 7-4-85

Faith K., Lisa Lamberg, Stu Samara, Jonathan Seiden & Darren Resnick - 7-4-85

Magnus (Iceland), Henk (Holland), Mike (Sweden) & Guy (England). 7-4-85

Red Team TeePee & Glenn Isaacs on Hopi Porch


Orange County Fair 7-29-85: Lenny Imperial, Julie Flansbaum, Aviva Warter, Andy Coates, Faith Waingarten, Brian Goldberg, Andy Livingston, Allison Gell, Tara Berson & Amber Nevins


Andy Coates & Lisa Lamberg @ Orange County Fair


Lenny Imperial, Andy Coates, Brian Goldberg & Andy Livingston (Commanche bunk) @ Orange County Fair

Cheryl Levy & Patti Lipp at the CBC Brothers' Circus

Risa Goldberg & Mike Platell @ the circus with Andy looking on

Julie Wax, Danielle Bergson, Kara Jacobs, Stacy Wax, Paul Ratner, Paul Jacobs, Jason Klansky @ the circus


Andy Coates & Lisa Lamberg on Cherokee/ Navajo porch


The piece de resistance of Birthday Ball:  Barbara Rachlin's cakes! 




& Fall

Debbie Klein & Mike Platell


Ray Beckett, Alison Narzem & Debbie Klein working hard!


Cherokee Gals:  Amber Nevins, Faith Waingarten, Tara Berson as The Mummy, Renee Raftery, Jennifer Apice & Allison Gell

Navajo gals +1: Cassandra MacLeod, Maxine Chapman, Jaclyn Brodsky, Karen Lipp (?), Linda Farkas, Brandon Kowal & Karin (?)

Julie Flansbaum * Linda Farkas

How's this for a lap dance? Rob Golove, Risa Goldberg, Julie Flansbaum, Matt Schoffel, Mike Platell & Kara Jacobs

Annika (?) Stu Ehrenberg, Josh Lipp, Kara Jacobs, Carina (?), Magnus, Rob Golove, Wade Leon, Michelle Leventhal, Linda Farkas, Thedor & Matt Bannister

Campers & Counselors on the porch of Apache/ Canarsie. (One of these things is not like the others...)

Matt Bershadker & Ritchie Schiffman


Tim Craven, Robyn Lipp & Howie Kerner


Michelle Leventhal, Mike Platell & Faith

Jonathan Seiden, Cassandra MacLeod, Rob Golove, Julie Flansbaum & (ACK! Help! ?  Bad Lisa!)

Matt Schoffel, Tim Craven, Rob Golove & Cassandra MacLeod

The Rappin' Hopi boys:  Robert Davis, Adam Seidman, Brad Seiden, Sean Wellington, Jack Bashe & Jon Leffel

Ian Gibson


Cherokee Gals:  Jen Apice, Jessica Hyman, Amber Nevins, Tara Berson, Faith Waingarten, Allison Gell & Aviva Warter


Renee Raftery challenges Steve Isaacs during inspection while Tara Berson, Aviva Warter & Paulette Rothbaum look on :)

Risa Goldberg & Marla Alper at breakfast Line-Up

Steven Weiss at the tree

Gabby Kalkstein, Michelle Resnick, Stacey Baken, & Tami Lamberg

Ilisa Kerner, Randy Page & Tami Lamberg


David Seiden & Tami Lamberg

Andy Coates

Allison Baker, Steven Weiss & Stacey Baken


Todd Berson, Allison Baker, Paul Jacobs, Paul Ratner & Lisa Tiger


And now for the Evening Activity:  Gabby Kalkstein & Stacey Baken belt one out (Notice Markowitz and Schechter in the background...)


Next Act:  Adam & Peter Goldberg.  (Notice the Jeffs Markowitz and Schechter have had a wardrobe and position change...)


The Finale:  Is it a cacophonous theme from Gilligan's Island? Adam Turkel, David Seiden, Paul Ratner & Paul Jacobs.  (Notice the boat going by at the foot of the stage...)

The Skipper, Gilligan and the Professor?  David Seiden, Paul Ratner & Paul Jacobs

Josh & Robyn Lipp

Tami Lamberg, Tim Craven, Debbie Klein & Craig Jacobs


Paul Ratner & Tami Lamberg



Matt Bershadker, Lisa Tiger & Allison Baker

Steven Weiss & Allison Baker at the "Tree"

Allison Baker, Matt Bershadker, Tami Lamberg & Brad Seiden

Ray Beckett manhandles a camper while Glenn Isaacs looks on with disinterest.  So what else is new?


Jason Klansky and Paul Ratner show off their talents and their pretty aprons


Yo B 7 Dwarves? David Kaminsky, Adam Goldberg, Todd Berson, Steven Weiss, Peter Goldberg, Marc Rothschild & Andy Rudolph.

They left these guys unsupervised??  


Constantly in Trouble indeed! Mindy Pincus, Tami Lamberg, April Ferriola, Michelle Resnick; Christina MacLeod, Meredith Krieger, Stacey Baken, Lisa Rachlin, Gabby Kalkstein, Allison Baker and Debbie Klein


The CA/Waiters: Robyn Lipp, Allison Narzem, Ritchie Schiffman, Jason Klansky, David Seiden, Paul Ratner, Adam Turkel, Ilene Shapiro; Lisa Tiger, Maiann Diovisalvo, Jackie Harvey; Barry Broner, Paul Jacobs & I have no idea

The Pool/Lake Staff:  Stu Ehrenberg, ?? (Help!), Josh Lipp, Tim Craven, Patti Lipp & Mike Platell.


Specialty Staff:  Annika, Ana, Tom, Margarita(?), Josh Lipp, ?? (again!), Tim Craven, Stu Ehrenberg, Andy Coates, Thedor, Mike Platell & Patti Lipp

Cherokee Girls: Jen Apice, Paulette Rothbaum, Jessica Hymen, Allison Gell, Faith Waingarten, Aviva Warter, Renee Raftery, Amber Nevins; Lisa Lamberg, Tara Berson & Julie Flansbaum with Paddington Bear.


Navajo Girls: Brooke Kind, Maxine Chapman, Linda Farkas, Valerie Goldstein, Karen Lipp, Allison Feder,Jaclyn Brodsky, Brandon Kowal; Meredith Zapin & Mazra Russo  (I think that's right)

Me & The Boyz:  Paul Rattner, Ryan Markowitz, Sean Wellington, Adam Shatz; Jason Rothschild, Jon Leffel, Jason Weiler; Robert Davis, Lisa Lamberg & Adam Seidman

Color War:  The Blue Wild West Scorecard.  Drawn by Andy Coates


Blue Wild West Banner (also drawn by Andy Coates) flanked by Julie Wax, Adam Goldberg, Paul Ratner, Jack Bashe, Matt Bershadker, Tami Lamberg & Linda Farkas


Corporal Todd Berson, Tracey (??), Allison Baker, Steven Weiss & Corporal Tami Lamberg

Allison Gell, Faith Waingarten, Tara Berson & Aviva Warter

Lisa Lamberg & Andy Coates at the candle lighting

Counselor's night out at Bum & Kels: Wade's friend, Wade Leon, Guy Keep, Kara Jacobs, Thedor Visser, Ian Gibson, Ana Scott, Ray Beckett, Josh Lipp


The Wax Twins: Stacy & Julie

Patti Lipp & Mitch Narzem

Lisa Lamberg & Andy Coates



Rob Golove, Risa Goldberg & Kara Jacobs


Linda Farkas & Matt Bannister

Judy Farkas, Danny Wolfe & David Kaminsky

Lisa Lamberg & Paul Jacobs

Ray Beckett & Kara Jacobs

Marla Alper


Marla Alper & Lisa Lamberg

Julie Flansbaum & Rob Golove

Glenn Isaacs & Elyse Fox

Ray Beckett & Marni Sesofsky

Kara Jacobs, Glenn Isaacs & Marla Alper


Rob Golove



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